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Wellness oasis.

Medi Stream – “The power of the element water”
Now new in the Art Hotel Superior
Enjoy a new feeling of massage not experienced yet. Relax on a 34°C hot water jet massage lounger and enjoy a massage by 2 water jets without getting wet - perfect relaxation for in-between. We wish you a lot of pleasure!

Swimming pool
The swimming pool (interior area) is 1.30 m deep and its size is approx. 4 x 8 m. The water temperature is approx. 28-29°C. In addition the swimming pool is equipped with a counter-current system.

Relaxation lounge
In a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere you can relax on pleasantly warm water beds while listening to wellness sounds.

Finnish sauna (for a fee)
The Finnish sauna is a room heated to a high temperature ( of up to 95°C), where a sweat bath is taken. After that cool down under the cold shower is recommended. 

Steam sauna (for a fee)
The Roman steam bath is a pleasant sweat bath with intensive fog formation and an ideal combination of heat (43-48°C) and humidity (100% relative air humidity).

The Tepidarium
The air temperature more or less corresponds with human body temperature. Through this the body takes up as much heat as it radiates. The blood vessels are opened and the blood circulation, in particular in the cooler parts of the body, is intensified. The body is heated up, without sweating too much. While staying in the Tepidarium a relaxed and pleasant feeling of wellbeing, inner peace and balance will arise. A stay in the Tepidarium is not at all exhausting. You can stay as long as you want. 

Das Caldarium
In the Caldarium the surface temperature of the walls is between 40° and 50°C. As a result the temperature of the room air is below the surface temperature of the walls. Here you can sweat without stressing heart and circulation unnecessarily. The blood circulation of the deeper tissue layers is intensified and the immune system is strengthened. A visit in the Caldarium supports your health and provides for peace of mind. Health and recreation pure! The stay can be extended to one hour and subsequently the body should thoroughly be cooled down.

The Odorium
In the Odorium the focus is put on the healing effect of essential oils. The Odorium is not a sweat bath, but a bath where aromatic scents are inhaled. At a pleasant room temperature fragrances evaporate, which can be chosen according to ones liking. In the Odorium you can stay as long as you like. Aromatherapy with its gentle effects of natural scents is used as prevention from illnesses and strengthens the body. Due to the use of medical oils, the Odorium is not suitable for people with allergic reaction to oils.